About the Podcast

A podcast about Sacramento entrepreneurs, musicians, artists, and chefs and how they found their ‘roots’ in the City of Trees.

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3 Elements of the Show

Those who have decided to plant roots in a place and make a go at making the world around them a better place, define a city. This is mostly what Finding Sacramento is about. Who are those people? Why did they decide on Sacramento? And what does it take to emulate their success?


With the seasons, leaves come and go, but the trunk of the tree remains the same. An oak tree is an oak tree whether it’s August or March. Cities are like trees, people come and go, but the core identity of the city remains relatively the same. The question is what is Sacramento’s identity? There are 36 definitions of Sacramento on Urban Dictionary and all 36 is either defining Sacramento for what it’s not (not San Francisco, not LA) or rebutting outside labels (Cow-town? Where are the cows?). Finding Sacramento hopes to peel back the bark and reveal what each ring of the Sacramento tree has to say about what it means to live in Sacramento.


Sacramento’s canopy is growing rapidly with an expected 2.2 million more people by the end of the decade. But what does that mean for Sacramento? Will it define the city or will Sacramento just be the next gentrified city? Finding Sacramento hopes to explore what may be next for one of America’s fastest growing cities and what it means for the people already living here.


About the Host

Nathan moved to the Sacramento area in August of 2015 and despite 5 years of living in the South, was totally unprepared for Sacramento’s summer heat. Seriously, WTH Sacramento?


When Nathan is not thinking about what it takes to be successful in Sacramento and the people in it, he enjoys spending time with his beautiful girlfriend and his pitbull/boxer Monte.


Before moving to Sacramento, Nathan was host of the Finding Asheville podcast for 84 episodes where he interviewed individuals such as Craig McAnsh, CMO of NYC’s Infared Experience Marketing, Food and Wine’s 2015 Best New Chef Katie Button of Curate, James Beard Award Best Chef nominees John Fleer of Rhubarb, Elliot Moss, of Buxton Hall, Meherwan Irani of Chai Pani, and many more. Finding Asheville is now downloaded thousands of times weekly and Asheville’s number one stop for what it takes to be successful in Asheville, NC.